Week 4: Responses to Game Achievements

Cover Image:  http://pict.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/achievements-final.jpg

Rick: Achievements in Games
Sam: Motivated to Achieve

Jamie Madigan’s article:  The Overjustification Effect and Game Achievements

Rick argues that achievements are necessary, but are ‘requested’ by players so they may justify the amount of time they spend on a game.  However, Sam states that players are persuaded by the developers to continue playing in order to receive the ‘feel good’ sensation we, as humans, have a psychological need to strive towards.

These responses in combination with the original article concur that achievements are fundamental in extending the life of a game although the overjustification effect cancels out all methods methods of motivation, regardless of the means by which the player was initially persuaded to commit to the game.


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