Week 5: Satoru Iwata & the Nintendo Switch

Cover Image:  http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/nintendo_switch_logo_new.png


With the recent unveiling of the Nintendo’s upcoming console the Nintendo Switch, you could be left to think of what the late Satoru Iwata’s thoughts might be of the console and what Nintendo hopes to achieve with it.

The Nintendo Switch was revealed to be a “home console with detachable controllers that can then be converted into a portable unit” (Walker, 2016).  The console provides both single and multiplayer capabilities at home and on the go as players are able to play the same title “wherever, whenever and with whomever they chose” (Walker, 2016).

Iwata stated that “video games are meant to just be one thing: fun for everyone” (Stanton and Stewart, 2015) and that entertainment “becomes much more fun when you are enjoying it together with others, friends or family” (Peckham, 2015).

Along with his belief that the entertainment of families was “not only as sensible business, but a worthwhile end in itself” (Stanton and Stewart, 2015), Iwata’s drive to ensure that Nintendo’s creations were fun and entertaining would suggest that he would have been proud to push the new console as it strives to uphold the elements of fun and enjoyment that he endeavoured to instil in each and every one of his creations.



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