Week 6: eSports in Australia

Cover Image:  https://images.gamurs.com/article/36f0b5b9-3467-451f-aab2-21aac04f64c7.jpg


DA16 (Digital Australia 2016) is a report about the ‘state of interactive media in Australia with a focus on demographics, play habits, behaviours and attitudes’ (IGEA, 2015).  One finding in the report that was particularly interesting was that 34% of gamers in Australia have participated in eSports.

Many Australian video game players have a desire to become professional eSports players, however because of the lack of high speed internet, major international tournaments are not held in Australia preventing the development of eSports at an international level (Daily Review, 2014).

In Australia, eSports has 1.5 million followers (Hickman, 2016) with players stating that eSports events held around the country are nowhere near making a profit from the tournaments, however people follow and participate in the sport purely for the love of it (Stockwell, 2016).

As more tournaments are being organised and held around the country, Brisbane recently hosted the final of the Oceania Pro League in August where 2,000 people packed into an arena and 10,000 tuned in online to watch The Chiefs and Legacy battle it out in League of Legends (Stockwell, 2016)

Given Australia’s passion towards eSports, it’s just a matter of time before these statistics increase and Australia makes its mark on the international eSports scene.



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