Week 7: Borderlands 2 Play Experience

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The catch phrase for Borderlands 2 is ‘87 bazillion guns’ which comes from the procedurally generated weapons and items throughout the game (Drop Bear Gaming, 2012).  This phrase leads to the central premise of the game which focuses on the concept of “kill enemies, loot their stuff, kill more enemies, level up, get better loot, continue ad infinitum” (Hawksworth-Brookes, 2012) which leads players to spend hours in the game dreaming of opening the next loot box and finding better and more interesting weapons than the last box.

The loot system in Borderlands 2 is more diverse than in the first game of the series with the weapons manufacturers in game being given more distinct traits. Maliwan weapons always cause elemental damage, Torgue weapons explode like a grenade when they are reloaded allowing the player to inflict more damage upon enemies, and Vladof weapons have a higher fire rate than other guns in the game (Schneider, 2014).

There are also random elements applied to the guns to modify them further, these include elements such as the cost of ammunition per shot to increasing accuracy of a gun by holding the trigger for longer (Drop Bear Gaming, 2012).  These elements and traits encourage players to try out the different weapons throughout the game as they try to develop the perfect loadout (Schneider, 2014).

However, players are initially limited by their backpack only having 12 slots, but throughout the game as the players collect Eridium, they can expand their backpacks to the maximum 27 slots (Walker, 2012).  By having the ‘bazillions’ of enticing and interesting guns available, players can endlessly collect and swap out the myriad of weapons available to them as they develop their perfect play style.



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