Week 9: Dishonored as a VR Game

Cover Image:  cdn4.dualshockers.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/o8/dishonored.jpg

With virtual reality (VR) technology increasing in popularity, and Forbes predicting VR devices will reach a market value of $4 billion in 2018, gamers are looking for a ‘more immersive experience with their multimedia’ (Barnes, 2015).

By comparing the elements required for a successful VR game and elements currently found within popular video games, there are some games that would be perfect candidates for a virtual reality version.

One of these games being Dishonored, the ‘stealth action-adventure video game’ (Wikipedia, 2016) developed by Arkane Studios, which has a lot of potential due to its cross over of successful elements.

Teleportation systems are being employed in VR games as a common solution to the motion sickness problem as walking, running, and jumping can make players nauseated (Veloria and Sullivan, 2016).  While playing Dishonored, one of the signature powers available for players to utilise is Blink which allows for quick teleportation (Hester, 2016).  This method of traversing the environment could be made to be the only mode of transportation or mobility in a VR version of the game, yet would still capture the games experience as a whole.

Another trick to maintaining an immersive VR game is ‘to make the player’s world easy for their brain to understand’ by avoiding making the environments overly realistic in appearance (Veloria and Sullivan, 2016).  The art style of Dishonored, with its ‘dark and dank world’, are one of the contributing elements for the games high level of praise (Lien, 2012).

The combination of these elements in conjunction with other already successful element of Dishonored could lead to the possibility of a great VR take of the popular video game.


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