Week 11: South Korea Targeting Illicit Game Mods

Cover Image:  http://www.krflag.org/image/ta.jpg

Alissa McAloon’s Article:  http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/286852/South_Korea_cracks_down_on_cheaters_with_law_targeting_illicit_game_mods.php


Illicit modding is the unapproved modification of video game software through the use of unauthorised modification tools, creating mods are in direct violation of games end user Licence Agreement and Terms of Service (Meades, 2015, pp.138).

The South Korean government has passed a law that prohibits the manufacturing and distribution of game hacks and modifications in South Korea (Steiner, 2016). Programs that are not allowed by the game company and its Terms of Service, such as aimbotters, hacking programs, and scripters, can see the creators face a maximum of 5 years jail time or $57,000(AUD) in fines (Steiner, 2016).

This law provides game makers more control when addressing hacks and cheaters in competitive online games such as Overwatch (McKeand, 2016).  However, this crack down on illicit mods that violate the Terms of Service has caused concern about non-malicious mods that ‘could be caught in the crossfire’ (McAloon, 2016).



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McKeand, K. (2016) Creators of hacks and aimbots in South Korea can now face up to five years in jail. Available at: http://www.pcgamesn.com/south-korea-hack-mod-aimbot-law (Accessed: 11 December 2016).

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